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Welcome to Digital Death! We believe that the rapid push to an online world has far outpaced our ability to manage the information we are creating, and that the laws and policies that govern access, privacy, ownership and related property interests in digital assets have failed to keep pace with this change. We want to provide a forum for information, best practices, and discussion. We also want to add our voice to advocating for changes in the way digital assets are managed and restricted.

This website will focus on exploring issues related to digital assets in all forms, specifically addressing the issues with digital assets in estate planning, organization of digital assets, as well as topics relating to death and funeral issues, online mourning, digital privacy and whatever else strikes us as relevant or worth sharing. Our goal is to provide information, useful planning tools, our recommended “best practices” and generally to increase awareness of the issues facing our online society as users age and die.

Our knowledge base is the central repository of information and our goal is to keep the site as streamlined as possible. The blog posts will be a combination of informative posts as well as links to interesting articles or other discussions. We are cognizant of the rapid change in this area and hope to keep you abreast of changes as they happen.

We are actively speaking and writing in this area. Please send feedback, recommendation or inquiries through our contact form. Sharing is caring – so please follow us on your favorite social media and help us spread the word about the issues of Digital Death!

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