Yahoo! Japan Launches Yahoo! Ending to Manage Digital Death

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Yahoo! Japan is taking users’ digital lives seriously, by stepping up to provide a strategy for dealing with digital accounts after death. Their new Yahoo! Ending service ensures important digital information isn’t lost when a user passes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo! Ending provides multiple options for users to choose how their digital data is managed after the confirmation of their death, such as, deleting personal data from Yahoo’s online system, sending out virtual last words, and more.

The concept for Yahoo! Ending likely stems from the corporation’s strict international privacy policy stating Yahoo “cannot provide passwords or access to deceased users’ accounts…” to anyone, under any circumstances. Previously, when a user passed, Yahoo’s only option was to close the account, deleting the high volume of digital information users had amassed. Yahoo! Ending now allows users to preserve their digital lives, while still safeguarding their privacy.

Beyond the benefit of privacy protection, users can also receive assistance writing a last will and funeral preparations. Additional features cater to the Facebook and Twitter culture, offering the option to create a “memorial space” site, include a bio, photos, videos, condolence comments, and even a funeral invitation!

Here’s to hoping more companies start recognizing the importance of user control over their digital lives and deaths, and follow suit!

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