Are you allowing others to claim your DIGITAL assets after you die?

Because on the Internet, you can live forever…

We set up estate plans for our money, our homes, our  keepsakes, our pets —  but what about our digital assets? Your photos, your social media posts, and your music, books and other digital assets,  are a key part of your legacy.   Do these live on after your death? If so, who controls their use when you are gone?



Inventory your assets and accounts in one comprehensive and organized list.


Grant third-parties (your family, spouse, friends) authorization to those assets and accounts.


Tell your family members that they will be responsible for these assets in the event of your death.

Stay informed on how to best prepare

We’ve developed a suite of tools,  text and strategies to help you protect your digital assets by passing them on to your family, just as you would money, keepsakes or heirlooms.



About Holly Isdale

Our mission is to provide information and tools to ensure you can control your digital legacy.  Holly Isdale founded Digital Death to increase awareness of the issues around the administration and preservation of digital assets and to provide a vehicle for the necessary, but often ignored, conversations around access, internet privacy, and ownership of digital assets.

We find that many families face unnecessary confusion and pain in addressing end-of-life issues, estate planning and administration because of poor organization and planning for these assets in lifetime. Our legal system has lagged our technological advances. We grapple with trying to dictate our own legacy amidst a system of outdated laws and obtuse service contracts that will determine how our voices, our photos, our history, will be preserved or deleted upon our death.

Dubbed “the Fixer” by Town and Country magazine in February 2014, Holly Isdale is one of the leading financial advisors in the United States.  Her lifelong passion has been to simplify the complex. Over the course of her 20+ year career, she has worked with many of the country’s wealthiest families and entrepreneurs on their financial and philanthropic plans and has been part of the transactional teams for some of the largest IPOs and mergers in history.

A tax attorney by training, Holly served as Chief Tax Strategist at JP Morgan within the Private Bank and went on to start and lead the estate and financial planning efforts for Goldman Sachs and then Lehman Brothers. After these roles, she ran the Advisory and Family Office team within Bessemer Trust.

Increasingly frustrated by the fact that even families with unlimited resources were unable to obtain truly conflict-free advice, Holly left Wall Street in 2010 to start her own consulting practice, Wealthaven, working solely on behalf of the families she represents.  

After the untimely death of a young client, Holly realized that the traditional tools for asset management fell short when individuals had a significant digital presence, an increasingly common problem. She began developing new ways to ensure that people could control their digital legacy by articulating their objectives, authorizing appropriate access to online information and accounts after their death and ensuring the information was organized appropriately.

A graduate of Cornell University and of Boston University School of Law, Holly serves on a number of industry and philanthropic boards. She has been widely quoted in the media and is a frequent speaker on issues relating to family, tax, transition, and philanthropic issues.

Other than an overlap in ownership of the two entities, is not affiliated with the operations of Wealthaven.

Stay informed on how best to prepare